You need the Debt Dog.

This is the iPhone App the credit card companies don’t want you to know about.

The Only Business Credit Management App you must have! iTunes ready

$0.99 BUY NOW Closed For Upgrade

Know what your credit card purchase will cost before you buy. See how much your minimum payments will be and how long it’ll take to pay off your purchase.

Imagine visiting your local retailer for that Flat Screen you always wanted. There’s a special and you’ve been watching for a price drop. Instead of $1000, it’s on sale for $799.

You rush to the store at opening time because there are no rain checks. As you get to the counter, you beam with pride at the thought of your new purchase, but you wonder:

“How should I pay for this?”

Lucky for you that you have the Debt Dog, the I Phone App that will save you thousands of dollars.

Tap the Debt-Dog Bulldog icon and enter your purchase price. You can preset interest rate or change it on the fly. You only have to enter one number – your purchase price. That’s it. No math. No worksheets. No manual calculations. The Debt-Dog does everything for you automatically.

Debt Dog iPhone ApplicationAs the sound of a toilet flushes, you get your final numbers on the second screen.

total payments needed for payoff.
total months needed for payoff.

But wait, it gets even better.

What if you want to add to your minimum payment each month? No problem. Add that number in the appropriate field and a new figure appears.

By the way…With an interest rate of 21%, that flat screen will cost you $1365. Your minimum payment would be $29.96 and it’ll take 91 months to pay it off.

Imagine the power at your fingertips


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