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Online visibility has numerous facets and comprises of many components. The convergence of all these factors should lead to higher rankings. However, one of the major factors in this equation is search engine optimization (SEO) for an online clothing store.

It is common knowledge for entrepreneurs taking advantage of online clothing business opportunities of the importance of SEO to the success of a business. SEO for the clothing industry can be very different from other industries. By applying best practices, it can help you be more visible and translate to more online sales of your apparel. If you don’t have an online store, you can start selling online here: www.shopify.com/sell/clothes.

Let’s explore three key points on apparel SEO that can make a significant difference to your store’s online visibility.

Research on keywords

It is often said that it is the bottom that is usually overcrowded. However, rising to the top through the throng of competitors can be an arduous task. With so many independent sellers and bigger brands with huge marketing budgets and lower margins, it can be hard to distinguish your apparel online store from the crowded landscape.

A simple but telling example of the stiff competition for short tail key words is a Google search for “children’s shoes.” This search will reveal top results to be Zappos, Macys and stride rite and several other giant brands. It is not comforting to know that it is after multiple pages that a small or medium sized store finally appears.

The fact is, there is just no way independent stores will be able to compete with the larger brands whose size and reliability afford them favorable rankings on search engines, irrespective of how good the smaller stores SEO is. However, the way around this problem would be diversifying with long-tail key words by using more descriptive search terms.

For example, instead of using the broader search term ‘children’s shoes’ you can opt for a more descriptive term like ‘light up sneakers for little girls’ or ‘glitter shoes for boys.’ These diversified long-tail key words may connect an independent seller with the right market that they are searching for.

Your keyword research needs to start at the homepage moving into the category pages then the subcategory pages and eventually down to products. One needs to be sure that a keyword chosen represents exactly what is on the page, so shoppers will see just that when they get to the page.

Another way to gain competitive traffic for your store is to take full advantage of holidays, seasons and trends on your keywords. This means that if a prospect is browsing for a designer by season or holiday, they are more likely to find it in your offering other than a competitor’s store.  Anticipating your upcoming or next season’s trends and including those themes in your keywords can see your traffic increase significantly.


Product optimization

Product optimization is not as straight forward as we would like to think. The common notion that you will open an online store and list all your products and automatically orders will start flowing in, is quickly thwarted as soon as you open the store and the exact opposite happens: no hits, no sales, and no inquiries.

When uploading a new line or setting seasonal items, It is extremely important to add unique title tags, meta descriptions, and product descriptions. It may seem time-consuming at the time, but these features will significantly increase your chances of appearing in search results when prospects search for your exact product offering.



70% of online shoppers learn of new companies and brands from blog posts. A staggering 60% of those people made purchases based on those recommendations. Bloggers usually write as a full-time job and offer a win-win solution for their time and effort. Being featured on blogs allows you to be synonymous with current trends and keeps you relevant.


SEO for an online clothing store needs to be tweaked slightly in order to bring out the desired competitive gain. The above tips should point you in the right direction.


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